Board Care


KEEP YOUR BOARD COOL. EPS can melt at 150 degrees Centigrade.

Prolonged exposure to high temperature can lead to delamination.

When your board is not being used in the water:

General care for all boards

Goretex® vent plugs for paddle boards

All Jurassic Surf Co paddle boards use world renowned Goretex vent plugs.Changing temperatures will cause gases in the EPS core to expand and contract.These top of the range valves allow pressure differences between the ambient air and from within the board to equalise.Without this technology any build-up of pressure could lead to delamination of the board.The Goretex vent is a one way valve and is watertight.If small bubbles are seen to emit from the valve on warm days in the water the valve is working correctly. Keep the valve clean and free of salt, sand and wax.

Fin installation for paddle boards

For flat water only a centre fin is needed for tracking. Side bites are normally used to give extra hold and manoeuvrability on waves. Side bites will only cause more friction on flat water.

Your board will arrive with the fins unattached (FCS key included).

  1. Unscrew the screw from the fin plate

  2. Slide the fin plate all the way to the front to the fin box (towards front of board)

  3. Place the centre fin peg into the wider part of the fin box recess and slide the peg/fin down the track.
    This can be fairly tight sometimes and a rubber mallet can be used

  4. Push the other end of the centre fin towards the board and into the fin box recess

  5. Align the screw hole on the fin with the metal screw plate and thread screw to secure

  6. Centre fins can be very tight fitting but this is not unusual 

  7. Loosen grub screws on FCE side bite recesses on either side of the board

  8. FCS compatible side bites simply push into the recesses at the side of the board

  9. Tighten grub screws on FCE side bite recesses on either side of the board