A stand-up paddle board workout is the perfect exercise for anyone who enjoys the wonderful world of water sports and activities. But, paddleboarding is that extra bit special as it has huge health benefits, especially for someone who wants to improve their fitness and physique. Paddleboarding focuses on every single muscle in your body, from your arms to your back. A SUP workout can hugely improve core strength and leave you with those rock-hard abs that you dream about.

When doing a stand-up paddle board exercise, you need to ensure you are following the correct procedures and methods to get the most out of the workout. For the best abdominal and core workout, you need to keep your arms straight and let your torso do the hard labour, this will put stress onto your abdominals and will allow them to do the work, this will improve the strength of you core in no time. As well as keeping your arms straight, you need to maintain a high intensity within your SUP workout. Doing this constantly and putting in maximum effort in to each exercise will guarantee you achieve the best results within your stand-up paddle board workout. If you have a confident level of balance on your board than doing strength training exercises when in the water will also improve your core.  Doing a mixture of core strengthening workouts, along with press up’s and crunches after your stand-up paddle board exercise will greatly improve your core strength. Being on the water will help you burn more calories than if you were on dry land, as you need to be more focused at keeping yourself stable as you don’t want to end up in the water.

Paddleboarding is a great alternative method if you want to improve your core muscles, if you don’t enjoy going to the gym. It can be a fantastic way to get outside and connect with nature as well as doing a beneficial workout which you will gain positive health results from.

What Muscles Are worked During Paddleboarding?

When doing a SUP workout, you may feel calm and relaxed, but all of your muscles are constantly being worked throughout the whole time you spend on a paddleboard.

During your stand-up paddle board workout, you are using every single muscle within your body. This makes paddleboarding one of the best full workout activities the world of sport has to offer. One of the main muscles that are used within your stand-up paddle board exercise are your leg muscles. Your leg muscles are needed to stand straight on an unstable surface throughout your SUP workout, therefore your legs get no rest whatsoever, as they are used to stabilize you, so you can maintain your balance. When you paddle whilst doing a SUP workout, your back, arms and shoulders are always in constant use. Whilst you are maintaining your balance, your core and abdominal muscles are always being used without you even realising.

A stand-up paddle board work out is one the best activities to do which targets all the key muscles of your body. Stand up paddle boarding has a huge range of health benefits such as improving cardio, as well as reducing stress.

What Muscles Does Paddleboarding Tone?

Throughout a SUP workout, the muscles being toned are most often your abdominals, but as paddleboarding is a full body workout so some other muscles will become toned such as your arms and shoulders.

Paddleboarding will not only give you the 6 pack most people desire, but it will also tone your biceps and triceps throughout the process. When paddling, your arms are in constant use, therefore your triceps and biceps are always battling against the waves, this will tone these muscles whilst you are paddling.  Your back and shoulders are also always in use when paddling and the more effort and hard work you put into paddling, the more likely you will gain better results from your stand-up paddle boarding exercise. Throughout your stand-up paddle exercise your abdominals are the main muscle that will become toned, you are constantly putting stress onto your abdominals and trusting them to maintain your balance. Doing a SUP workout frequently will most likely tone most of your muscles. Paddleboarding is a great activity which is low impact as well as including huge health benefits.

A stand-up paddle board exercise is gentle on your body this makes it perfect for anyone who is rehabilitating from a muscle-based injury. A stand-up paddle board exercise is effective in speeding up the healing process of an injured muscle without damaging it any further. If you want to gain more information about starting paddleboarding after experiencing a muscle-based injury, then get in contact with us today. We have a skilled team of experienced surfers who are happy to help with any questions or queries you may have regarding paddleboarding,

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How Paddleboarding Can Strengthen Your Core?

Paddleboarding can strengthen your core without you even noticing it. Throughout a SUP workout your core will constantly be working and it’s a more engaging activity than sitting in a dull dreary gym.

A stand-up paddle board exercise will strengthen your core in no time, when done properly a stand-up paddle board workout can even be more beneficial than any other sport. Stand up paddle boarding requires your core to maintain your balance throughout the whole time you are on the water, therefore if you are paddleboarding for between 30 minutes and an hour you’ve been consistently working your core that whole time. We suggest you aim to do a SUP workout twice a week for between 30 to 45 minutes, this will provide you the best results for your core strength.

A stand-up paddle board exercise is one of the best ways to build your core, we recommend anyone who wants a great physique to try paddleboarding, as it’s a perfect way to develop the body you want, whilst enjoying yourself.

Why Paddleboarding Is The Ultimate Core Workout

A stand-up paddle board exercise is the ultimate core workout as it requires less impact and less constant engagement than if you were to work and train your core or abdominal muscles using basic gym workout’s and routines.

A SUP workout is more exhilarating than just doing basic core building exercises. Your core will be in constant use when paddleboarding and you will see improvements in your core strength quicker when doing a stand-up paddle board workout, as compared with doing any other sporting activity. Paddleboarding is one of the most effective sports for developing a stronger core, especially if you are paddleboarding in rougher water’s, but if you desire to do this, always be confident in your ability and be safe. Many people suffer to develop a strong core, as it always needs constant attention and you need to do regular workouts each day. When doing a stand-up paddle board exercise, you won’t feel like it’s a workout, paddleboarding is a sport which is relaxing and enjoyable, so you won’t find it tiring or boring. These factors make paddleboarding perfect for anyone who wants that desirable core body look.

Paddleboarding is one of the most rewarding sports there is, in terms of achieving a chiselled physique. If you put the hard work and effort into every one of your stand-up paddle board workout’s than there’s nothing stopping you from feeling the major health benefits paddleboarding has to offer.

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