Here at Jurassic Surf Co, we put a significant amount of time and effort into crafting all our boards. It would absolutely break our hearts to see a Jurassic Surf Co customer lose their board to the current. So, as such, we offer a range of board leashes to keep you and your board together. Get your hands on one of our premium Jurassic Surf Co board leashes today.

Leashes are enormously beneficial to all surfers, from the highly-skilled veterans carving their way through the waters, to the novice surfers just beginning their journey towards learning the ways of the wave.

Surfboard leashes not only keep your board from being dragged far away and stolen by a strong current, but they also save you an unnecessarily long swim each time you happen to bail, fall or get knocked off. That, in turn, enables you to recover quicker, catch the following wave and nail it your next time round.

Our range of Jurassic Surf Co leashes are made from premium materials, at 6-foot long with a 7mm cord width, and even contain a handy key pocket. They are intended for medium to large waves, sized up to 8ft and include a double swivel mechanism to prevent any tangling. Additionally, the secure Velcro strap helps to keep you locked in, ensuring that you and your board remain attached together as one.

Now that you know how a board leash can benefit you, why wait to have one of your own? We’ve got exactly what you need when it comes to top-notch surf gear. Treat yourself to a brand-new, premium JSC board leash today and you’ll be riding monster waves and ripping through barrels without a care in the world.
Place an order today via our website, or alternatively, you can get in touch to place an order on: 07562104916 or by sending us an email at: info@jurassicsurf.co.uk. Discover the quality of our premium Jurassic Surf Co leashes today…