No paddle boarding occurs without a paddle, and every paddle boarder out there needs a high-quality paddle in their hands, to really get the most out of their boarding experience. Here at Jurassic Surf Co we’ve got a quality selection of SUP paddles to get you started with, whether you’re a beginner or slightly more advanced.

Our paddles are lightweight, easy to use blades that suits an extensive range of different stand up paddle disciplines and techniques.

The adjustment system on our paddles allows for a simple lift of the lever to reduce or increase the shaft length with minimal fuss. The grip is extremely comfortable and fits in the palm of your hand like it belongs there, providing an effective point of contact, ensuring maximum performance.

The hydrodynamic shape of our paddle’s blade allows for a super smooth entry into the water. Shaft flex is relatively stiff, consequently, drawing through each stroke is a powerful experience. Propulsion is therefore highly efficient and accurate with minimal blade flutter.

Our paddles possess a huge amount of drive for race SUPs whilst remaining “flicky” for anyone looking towards wave paddling.

One of our top paddles is our JSC full carbon paddle. The JSC full carbon paddle is an outstanding piece of equipment for any and every paddle boarder out there. Rail to rail transitions and wrap arounds are easy to achieve using the Jurassic Surf Co full carbon SUP paddle

So, now that you’ve learnt all you need to know about our paddles, it’s time to test one. Order Stand Up Paddleboard Paddles with Jurassic Surf Co today, and discover their effectiveness. You can place an order through our website, or alternatively, if you would prefer to get in touch with the Jurassic Surf Co team, then please do so on: 07562104916 or by emailing us at: Discover our range of SUP paddles today.