Rail Tapes

We know that the last thing you want as an SUP boarder is to look down at the board you’ve spent hundreds of pounds on and see a load of scratches and scrapes all over the rails, or worst-case scenario, maybe even a few chunks missing. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent your Paddle from taking portions out of your board rails and that solution goes by the name of ‘Rail Tape’.

Rail damage is usually caused by incorrect or lazy paddling techniques, however, sometimes it’s just a simple mistake that ends up causing you to ding your board. Rail Tape is applied to the sides (rails) of an SUP and prevents the paddle from chipping lumps out of your SUP, keeping it fresh and healthy.

Our mottled transparent rail tape is not prone to discolouring or yellowing with age, ensuring your SUP looks brand new throughout its lifespan. It’s remarkably strong thus providing unmatched abrasion and scratch resistance. Also, it doesn’t lift or peel off after long periods of water exposure and is extremely easy to apply and cut to shape.

We recommend that you research how to apply rail tape to your board if you plan on doing it yourself. Watch some videos, understand what can go wrong and what makes a successful rail tape application process. This will greatly benefit the health of your board, as a correct application technique can prevent layers of graphics and gloss protection from being pulled off.

If you’ve got an SUP, the chances are that you’d greatly benefit from some of our rail tape to help protect your board. Check out the JSC rail tape and treat your board right with some tender loving care. You can place an order via our website, or alternatively, if you would prefer to get in touch with the Jurassic Surf Co team, then please do so on: 07562104916 or send us an email at: info@jurassicsurf.co.uk. Discover the benefits of Rail Tape today.