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No excursion to any beach should be made without a towel, and you certainly don’t want to be getting in the water without one waiting for you. Essentially, a towel is a ‘must have’ for all surfers and since everyone at the beach is there to see yours, why not grab yourself a Jurassic Surf Co poncho towel and rep the brand! You can rock our cool fossil design logo whilst keeping warm and drying off.

Like all of our products, the JSC towels are made using high quality materials. They are crafted from tremendously soft towelling fabric that will be sure to keep you warm. So, when you do get cosy in it, we can’t even guarantee that you’ll ever want to take it off.

The Jurassic Surf Co poncho towels are quick-drying, hooded, towels which will make the world of difference to all those who take part in water sports or beach activities. Being able to wear your towel gives you the ability to move and mingle on the shore with your fellow beach dwellers without any restriction or limitation. The hood of the poncho towel helps to dry your hair, so that you can ditch the wet hair look asap and get back to your best.

Our towels also have the versatility to act as a changing robe for when you wish to switch attire at the beach. The poncho style towel is longline, which covers you to approximately knee level, and has arm holes that, combined, enable you to discretely change your clothing underneath whilst remaining covered so that you can get changed without having to expose yourself in a public place.

So, why not get your hands on the JSC poncho towel today and release your inner Gaucho! (the Gauchos were renowned for being skilled horse riders but we know that the waves are where your talents lie).

You can place an order through the Jurassic Surf Co Site today, or alternatively, if you would prefer to get in touch with a member of the Jurassic Surf Co team, then please do so on 07562104916 or by emailing us at: Discover more about our range of Towels and Poncho Towels today…