Here at Jurassic Surf, we are pleased to offer our JSC ISUP board. Our ISUP board is perfect for a variety of waterways, find out more information our ISUP paddle boards today.

Our JSC ISUP has a length of 10’6 inches and includes, two-piece paddle, travel rucksack, pump, repair kit, fins and also a leash. The ISUP Board comes in a vibrant colourway of white blue and red. The ISUP board has our “Jurassic Surf” across the board, making it one of our best looking ISUP inflatable paddle boards to date. Our ISUP has fantastic stability and effortless glide, making Paddleboarding as easy as possible. Our JSC ISUP is ultra-durable, strong, stable and is easy to manoeuvre.

You can Pre-order your ISUP now at a special discount price of £419.00, receive your paddleboard by the end of April,  just in time for summer!

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£449.00 £419.00


  • Length: 10’6″

  • Two piece paddle

  • Travel rucksack

  • Pump

  • Repair Kit

  • Fins

  • Leash

Inflatable paddle boards are perfect for any Paddleboarding adventure read our blog post “ What You Need To Start Paddle boarding” if you are new to Paddleboarding. ISUP paddle boards such as our JSC ISUP board is perfect for a variety of waterways. Our ISUP is easily suitable for first time paddleboarders and also experienced paddleboarders. Purchase your ISUP Board today! When using our ISUP you must always wear a buoyancy jacket and be a confident swimmer, if you would like more information then please get in touch with us by calling us on: 07562104916.

If you would like to find out more information about our ISUP board or have any questions about ISUP inflatable paddle boards, then please get in touch with Jurassic Surf today. Here at Jurassic surf, we don’t just offer ISUP paddle boards we also offer Paddleboarding and surfing accessories such as paddles, leashes, and rail tape. You can get in touch with Jurassic Surf by using our contact form, by emailing us at: info@jurassicsurf.co.uk or by calling us on: 07562104916. We would be more than happy to help with any questions you may have about our ISUP inflatable paddle boards.


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