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Jurassic Surf Co. – Online Surf Store

If you’ve come, looking to purchase anything surf related then you’ve landed at the right destination. Here at Jurassic Surf Co. we’re confident that we can satisfy the needs of any surf lover out there as we share that exact same passion. From surf clothing, surfboards, SUP equipment (stand up paddleboarding) and surf accessories, you’ll find whatever it is you need to help you really get the most out of your wave-riding experiences at the JSC online surf store.


Our collection of boards is almost guaranteed to have something that’ll absolutely blow your mind when you take to the waves on it. Catering for both the conventional surfers and the stand-up paddleboarders – Our selection of boards includes both surfboards and stand up paddle boards.

All of the Jurassic Surf Co boards (be it surf or paddle) are expertly crafted here, in the UK and each board is designed to help you really get the best out of the hit-and-miss waves that the beaches along the coast of the United Kingdom give us.


Surf Clothing


Our surf clothing range consists of a huge range of items in various different styles and colours, so there’s something to take everyone’s fancy. Whether you’re an avid surfer rarely seen without salt in your hair or the ultimate barbeque master looking for something comfy to rock while you cook up a storm, we’ve got you covered. Available in a plethora of colours, we’re big believers that less is more when it comes to our designs. Our collection is minimalist enough to chuck on whatever the weather on any occasion.


Surf Accessories


From protective rail tape to board leashes, board bags and surfboard fins, not to mention our beautifully crafted full-carbon SUP paddle. We’ve got everything you need to kit out your equipment and have it performing flawlessly to really help you carve through the waves with speed and finesse whilst keeping your board in tip-top condition.

Browse our online surf store and add anything that catches your eye to the basket. You’re sure to make a worthwhile purchase shopping here at Jurassic Surf Co.