Surfing and paddle boarding have grown so rapidly in popularity over the last few years. It all started in Hawaii many centuries ago and has now been totally transformed from a small cultural tradition to a universal sensation that is taking the world by storm!

Perfect for when the waves aren’t as big as you’d hoped, or for a chilled post-surf activity, stand up paddle boarding is fast becoming equally as big as surfing itself. Here at Jurassic Surf, we’ve got a fantastic selection of boards available in a fantastic range of colours that are perfect for surfers of all levels. Whether you’re looking to take up a new hobby or simply boost your fitness and get into shape, paddle boarding is for you! Here’s why we’re such big fans of paddle boarding for fitness…

What Muscles Are Used For Paddle Boarding?

As many people have heard, stand up paddle boarding is the best low-impact exercise for a complete body workout. It can improve all aspects of your fitness including balance, strength and endurance.

There are a number of muscles used for stand-up paddle boarding. First up is your core – Your abdominals are the muscles responsible for postural support and stability, whilst also assisting your respiratory system to help you breathe more efficiently. Keeping yourself upright and balanced on a paddle board will really work out your abs and help you strengthen your core to get yourself a nice toned stomach with six-pack abs.

The next big muscle group involved are your legs. This muscle group includes your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, anterior tibialis’ and glutes. These leg muscles will be put to work to ensure you remain placed on top of your board. Keeping your footing requires good leg strength, especially in more volatile conditions, where the wind is blowing and the water is moving with more force.

To work the paddles and manoeuvre the board, the muscle groups involved are located in your back, arms, chest and shoulders. Upper body strength is a vital component of fitness when paddle boarding as it is what allows you to control your speed and direction with the SUP Paddle. Pushing a flat paddle against the resistance of water for extended periods of time is no easy task, so you are sure to see improvements in your upper body strength when paddle boarding.

With all these muscle groups constantly working hard you’re going to need to supply these muscles with oxygen which will benefit the health of your organs greatly – in particular, your heart and lungs. This leads us to the health benefits of stand up paddleboarding…

Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

As mentioned earlier, stand up paddle boarding is a great full-body exercise that requires effort from all the muscle groups. Now, if all the muscles are working hard, they need to be supplied with a good amount of oxygen in order for them to be able to produce the necessary energy needed to cause contraction. The heart and lungs are responsible for this as the lungs fill with air and diffuse the oxygen from that air into your bloodstream. The heart then pumps this oxygenated blood towards the working muscles so that they can do their jobs properly. The exercise is going to improve the efficiency of your heart which will lower your resting heart rate and leave you less likely to suffer from heart attacks. Your lungs will also benefit from all of this exercise and become more efficient at their function meaning you’re less likely to end up completely out of breath if you have to run for a bus or walk up a steep hill (or at least recover quicker from the breathlessness than you would have before).

If you’ve got any injuries, stand up paddle boarding is the perfect low impact activity to give you a good workout without putting unnecessary strain on your joints or ligaments. This makes paddle boarding a very popular post-injury activity to assist rehabilitation and makes it suitable for everyone – no matter what your age, fitness level or background. Once you learn how to stand up paddleboard, you begin to master it with increasing endurance of the constant paddling. Once you notice that your balance is improving, and your muscles aren’t getting quite as tired, then you know your endurance is increasing. Why not use paddle boarding as a social activity also? Enjoying the ocean with friends is the best way to do it!

And not only is paddle boarding a great physical workout, but it’s also fantastic for your mental health! It allows you to relax and clear your head to reduce stress after a long day. We’re huge fans of a quick paddle after work here at Jurassic Surf and couldn’t recommend it enough as the ultimate escape mechanism. Give it go – what’s stopping you?!

Paddleboarding is also fast becoming even more exciting with constant spins being added to the sport. Why not give yoga paddle boarding a go for the ultimate balance challenge and extra dimension of excitement!? Other activities include paddleboard triathlons and even dog yoga to get your pooch involved in the fun!


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