Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

(a.k.a. stand up paddle surfing or SUP) Stand up paddle boarding is an altered strain of surfing that, whilst loved down here in Dorset, is believed to have originated in Hawaii (but it also has links to being founded in coastal areas of ancient southern America and also was spotted around the coasts of Africa). It involves the surfer standing up on the paddle board and using both the motion of the ocean and the paddle in their hand to propel themselves across the surface of the deep blue. It’s a different feel to surfing and we’d highly recommend stand up surf paddle boarding to anybody thinking of trying it because it’s just as fun as surfing but who knows, you might enjoy it even more! You can partake in this activity at multiple different centres in coastal towns across the world (Dorset being the hotspot here in the UK) and if you decide to take to a spot of stand up surf paddle boarding then we can help further your development with our fantastic SUP product range.

Of course, with paddle boarding comes the need for some bits of extra equipment. However, there’s no need to panic because here at Jurassic surf co, you will be able to find some of the very best SUP equipment available to purchase online. We’ve got carbon-fibre SUP paddles, beautifully crafted paddle boards as well as bags to hold and protect your board and paddle whilst simultaneously making them easier to transport. Everything you’ll find in this online store is a product of high quality that has been carefully and expertly manufactured with both love and affection. So, why not browse our selection of SUP products to find out more about SUP and exactly what gear you need to take part. If you have any questions or queries regarding anything, feel free to just drop us an e-mail at