It is believed that paddle boarding originated in the picturesque island of Hawaii by surf instructors in the early 1900’s. After some time, it became increasingly popular and is now loved across the world. Within this blog post we will explain why paddleboarding is so popular and how simple it is to start this much-loved sport.

Paddle boarding requires dedication, hard work and determination but the actual equipment you need to start Paddle boarding is next to nothing, the stand-up paddle board itself can be expensive but it is defiantly worth the money.

Of course, the first thing you will need to do to start your paddle boarding journey is to go out and get yourself a Paddleboard. Finding a paddleboard that is right for you can be difficult but there is a wide variety of perfect paddleboard’s for beginners or experts on the market, so it just requires a little bit of research to find the right one for you. You will also need to find yourself a paddle to go with your new paddleboard, find a paddle that is light and easy to manoeuvre, as this will help to make your first paddle boarding experience easier.

Before jumping in the water with your brand-new equipment it would be best to look at a few tutorial videos, doing this will ensure you have some basic knowledge on paddleboarding, ensuring your first trip won’t be disappointing. We also recommend that you take lessons before you start, to gain some extra valuable experience.

Getting the right clothing for Paddle boarding is also important, you need to feel comfortable in the water and purchasing equipment such as a wet suit will ensure that you feel flexible and comfy, but more importantly it will keep you warm, meaning you can paddleboard in the winter as well as the summer.

Having the right mentality is the most important aspect of Paddle boarding, it can become frustrating and disheartening when it isn’t going your way, so you need to be determined to keep trying and put the hard work and practice in to getting it right, becoming a pro in no time at all.

All of the above will make sure you’ve got the right equipment to start paddling boarding but hold on for a minute and don’t stop reading just yet. Before you jump in the water to try out all of this new equipment you may want to learn how to start Paddle boarding first.

How To Start Paddle boarding?

You may think Paddle boarding will be a drag, but it’s completely the opposite, starting this new sport is exhilarating and we are sure you will be hooked in moments!

After you’ve gathered all your equipment, watched a few tutorials and got some lessons under your belt, you’ll be ready to jump straight into the world of paddle boarding. Before you head down to any beach, do a small amount of research about the beach and check out what the currents are like. Remember to check the weather conditions as well.

If you are still unsure about how to start Paddle boarding then here a few tips to get you going. Our first tip is to paddle with your core and don’t use your arms. This may sound a bit bizarre but trust us on this one, paddling is best done by your core as these are the toughest muscles of your body and they provide the most power for your paddle stroke.

Another tip is to look at the horizon, you will naturally want to look down at the board, but this will make you lose stability, always keep your head up and back straight and this will make your stability much better.

The last and the most important tip is ride waves you can handle! The sea can be dangerous so always ride waves in the right conditions for your skill level, respect the water and you’ll be safe.

See we told you that starting Paddle boarding would be easy! Now nothing can hold you back from getting on that brand-new board of yours.

What Are The Benefits Of Paddle boarding?

Paddle boarding is a fantastic and exhilarating sport, but as well as that it is very beneficial for you in a number of different ways, here are just a few.

There are many different benefits of Paddle boarding including physical and mental health. Paddle boarding is also useful within the rehabilitation process of injuries. One main benefit of Paddle boarding is that it improves your balance, as stand up boarding requires you to stand upright on the board, this requires you to use your leg and core strength to maintain your balance when Paddleboarding. As well as improving your balance It is also believed that doing this workout will increase your focus on day-to-day activities. Paddle boarding is a full body workout that is a perfect activity that targets every muscle in the body as well as being an enjoyable sport for all the family.

In today’s society everyone has a hectic lifestyle and many of us become stressed frequently. Paddle boarding can help ease that stress, being out on the water and connecting with nature is calming and this will positively impact your mental health and give you a better attitude and outlook towards life. The rhythm of your stroke and the sounds when you glide through the water when stand up boarding is very therapeutic, we guarantee you will come out of the water feeling relaxed and stress free. Research shows that aquatic scenes can help you to recover from stress, it is believed that people who live along coastlines tend to be happier and healthier than people who live in large cities or suburban areas. This gives you more of a reason to escape the city and get on your board.

The list of benefits for Paddle boarding can go on and on, but the main point is that this sport helps you physically and mentally as well as being incredibly entertaining.

Are Lessons Needed To Start Paddle Boarding?

Don’t worry these lessons aren’t like the ones at school, they are much more exciting and interactive. Paddle boarding lessons will further your skills on the sport and hopefully get you more involved within the wonderful community of paddleboarding.

If you want to start Paddle boarding in different conditions and more challenging waters, then gaining professional advice is important. Being safe and knowing what to do in treacherous conditions is vital, professional instructors can teach you how to act and behave in these type of conditions. There are many experienced instructors across the country which offer a range of different teachings such as Paddle boarding for beginners or even more complex areas of stand-up boarding.  Paddle boarding is a calm sport but even the most experienced boarders can become stuck when the weather rapidly changes, don’t let yourself get into a dangerous situation and remember to always be safe when in the water.

Paddle boarding lessons will be perfect if you’re a beginner so take full advantage of them, you will gain valuable experience in no time with a couple of interactions with a professional instructor.

What Is The Best Equipment For Paddle Boarding?

The more the money doesn’t necessarily mean the better the board! Don’t be fooled into paying over the odds for a paddleboard, you can easily find a high-quality board at a reasonable price, such as our G-21 JSC Stand Up Paddle Board.

There are a variety of different paddleboard’s in today’s market, so finding the best quality board and the right sized board can be difficult. When picking out your stand up paddle board you need to consider the volume. The wider, longer and thicker the board, the more volume the board will have. The more volume the board has the more stable it will be on the water. For beginners, the more volume the better as you will be able to get used to the sport easier and quicker. If you become more confident then you can always downsize to a smaller board which will be more responsive in the water. A paddle board is typically much wider and longer than a typical surfboard, which makes them more stable then wave boards so ensure you pick the correct one. Before you start paddle boarding you need to pick the right paddle for your height, typically to determine the right paddle you add 9-10 inches to your height. This will ensure you have a paddle that suits you best and is easy to manoeuvre. When measuring, make sure you measure the total length of the paddle from the tip of the paddle to the outer edge of the grip.

Another piece of essential paddle boarding equipment is a SUP leash, this is vital to keep you safe when Paddle boarding, you can choose to either have the SUP leash wrapped around your ankle or just below your knee. This keeps you safely attached to your board if you were to fall off or if the weather conditions become dangerous or if you try a wild trick.

Find the right paddleboard that suits you best and you will begin to love it in no time at all, it will soon become your pride and joy.

What Is The Best Type Of Paddleboard For A Beginner?

Finding a paddleboard when you know little about the sport can be tricky, but there are simple guidelines you can follow to ensure you get it right the first time.

As we said previously, the best paddleboard for a beginner is one with the most volume, the reason for this is because a paddleboard with a higher volume will be more stable. If you chose a paddle board which had less volume it will be less stable, and it’ll be a real struggle to deal with stronger waves. When you feel confident by all means go out and get yourself a stand-up paddle board which has less volume, this will be better if you are more experienced because you will be able to do more with the board as it will be much lighter.

Be cautious when purchasing your first paddleboard, look around before settling on the first one you lay your eyes on, no matter how cool it may look.

What Clothes Are Best To wear For Paddleboarding?

It’s difficult to find the best clothes to wear for any occasion, but don’t worry picking Paddle boarding clothing is much simpler than finding the right clothes for a date.

There are many alternative clothes to wear when paddle boarding from a pair of swimming trunks to a wet suit. What clothes you wear depend on what type of conditions you are stand up boarding in. If you are paddle boarding in the winter, then we would advise you to wear a full-length wetsuit with gloves and neoprene boots to keep you warm throughout the freezing winter months. In the summer you can wear more lightweight clothing such as board shorts and a light weight tee, a hat is also sensible to wear as you can shelter your face from the sun.

If you are a female paddle boarder, the best clothing to wear may be a bikini or swimsuit as this will keep you the coolest in the midday sun. When paddle boarding in the summer, ensure you always bring and apply sun cream as you are more vulnerable to sunburn because of being on the water.

There you go, you can finally start your paddle boarding experience. Enjoy the breath-taking views when you board down a scenic river or even when you’re boarding in the sea when the sun sets, whatever your journey we are sure you will love it.

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