Paddle boarding in winter may not seem the best of ideas, but with suitable winter SUP Gear and winter SUP clothing, you will be able to enjoy paddleboarding all year round. There are many benefits of paddleboarding throughout the winter so don’t put your board away just yet and experience what winter SUP has to offer you.

When paddle boarding in winter you want to ensure you keep as warm as possible and having the most appropriate paddle board clothing will ensure you aren’t bitterly cold when out on the water.

One of the most essential winter SUP clothing is defiantly a wetsuit. A wetsuit is designed to keep you warm when you’re wet, it is the perfect piece of winter SUP gear. A wetsuit will trap a layer of water between you and the suit and it will warm up over a short period of time. The wetsuit will guarantee you keep warm if you are in and out of the water, however it’s not so effective when standing on the paddleboard as you will become cold from the wind. Sweating in the wetsuit can also become an issue, if the sweat freezes you might suddenly become cold and that is certainly not something you want on a winter SUP session.  What makes a wetsuit the best Winter SUP gear is the reassurance. If you fall in the water you aren’t going to freeze, to stop being cold when out of the water you can just simply wear a windproof jacket to shield you from the wind or even a thermal sweater to ensure you are kept warm.

A dry suit is another option for Winter SUP if you don’t feel a wet suit is suitable for you. A dry suit is a waterproof suit with rubber seals at the wrists and neck to keep any water out therefore keeping you dry and warm. A dry suit will keep you warm if you fall in the water which of course is a bonus. However, unless the weather is freezing cold, you’ll more than likely become too warm as the breathily of the suit isn’t the best.

Jacket and trousers is an essential when paddle boarding in winter, especially a pair of waterproof trousers as well as a waterproof jacket, even some thermal layers will help when doing a winter SUP session. When purchasing winter SUP clothing you want to ensure you have layers, this will allow you to not be cold as well as not being too warm. Here at Jurassic Surf we offer a variety of winter SUP clothing, that are sure to keep you warm when paddle boarding in winter.

Having all this winter SUP gear will guarantee you keep warm when paddleboarding. Paddleboarding can be an all year sport and is defiantly not just for summer.



What Shoes To Wear Paddle Boarding?

When paddleboarding in the summer you don’t have to think about footwear but when you SUP in winter you need to think of the most suitable shoes to wear when paddleboarding, as you don’t want your feet to get cold.

A pair of wetsuit booties is probably the most suitable option for winter as most have a thick and warm lining. Having a pair of wetsuit booties will mean it wont matter if you get your feet a little wet, as the water will warm up inside and will keep your feet warm. You could opt for some hiking socks and trainers if you feel like you won’t be in the water. You need to ensure you keep all of your body warm and especially your feet.

When paddleboarding in the winter you want to keep your feet warm. Being warm will ensure you enjoy paddleboarding and not feel the bitter cold of winter.



Tips for Paddle Boarding in the Winter

After discussing what is best to wear paddle boarding in winter. Here’s a few tips on paddleboarding in the winter and making it a positive experience.

When paddleboarding at any time you need to know what conditions, you’re going into, but this can be more serious in the winter. When going on a winter SUP session you need to know the temperature both air and water as well as understanding the wind speed and direction. Wind chill is a huge factor when paddleboarding as if it’s windier it’s more than likely going to be a lot colder.

When paddleboarding in the winter you need to plan your route. You want to have a planned route and stick to that route when on a winter SUP session. If you know your wind direction then paddle into it first when you’re full of energy and then use the wind behind you when you become tired and want to return home. As the Temperature is cold you don’t want to become tired and fatigued, planning your route will limit this.

When you winter SUP, you need to stay within sight of the shore and be prepared to swim back. In freezing cold conditions, you want to stay as close to the shore as possible this will keep you safe. If you fall in the winter and become too cold then you’ll need to get out of the water as quickly as possible and not put risk to yourself. Staying close to the shore will mean you are able to quickly swim to the shore without putting your safety at risk.

Be alert and be safe when paddleboarding in winter, the conditions are more treacherous than in summer, so you need to be more aware of your surroundings. Doing these tips will ensure you are always safe on your winter SUP sessions.


Benefits of Paddle Boarding in the Winter

Paddle boarding isn’t just for summer it’s a perfect winter activity and there are many benefits of paddleboarding in winter instead of the summer.

The scenery changes dramatically across the year, why just enjoy the summer season? The winter has much to offer as well. The leaves of the trees are changing and there also an abundance of alternative wildlife in winter which you don’t see in summer. Getting the exercise throughout winter will also be hugely beneficial and nothing is better than a winter SUP session to get you active. Paddleboarding in winter is a different experience to summer, we recommend trying paddle boarding in the winter you’ll surely love the experience.

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